Wonderful Weekends- Spring Break Edition

Alas! Spring break is over and I am super sad to return to work. Luckily there is a light at the end of the tunnel, 7 weeks until summer! I’m crossing my fingers that it goes by quickly!

We were so lucky that Bean had the week off too! We got in a lot of great family time!

Photo Mar 25, 4 31 47 PM

We took Amelia to the doctor for her check up, she had a great time…up until the shots…poor baby!

Photo Mar 22, 10 16 32 AM

Amelia practiced hunting eggs in the living room all week long so that she would be prepared for Easter Brunch!

Photo Mar 22, 4 43 48 PM

My dad and I took Amelia to Disneyland on Wednesday. We are lucky to have annual passes, there were sooooo many people there for a Wednesday morning! We ended up staying until noon. Just enough time to hit a couple of fantasy land rides and grab a corn dog!

Photo Mar 23, 10 00 42 AM

Amelia made a little friend in line! They were so cute, holding hands and playing together!

Photo Mar 23, 11 30 19 AM

We spent a ton of time at the park! Amelia is loving climbing up and down the jungle gym and going down the slide. Where did my baby go!?

Photo Mar 25, 4 47 54 PM

Saturday we had our friends over for a pre-Easter brunch. We made ham, potato casserole, and these yummy carrot cake cinnamon rolls from How Sweet It Is. I highly recommend them but wish i would have grated my carrot finer (like she recommended) instead of being lazy and buying pre-grated carrot.

Photo Mar 26, 10 49 17 AM

I committed the cardinal sin of food blogging and ate before I took pictures! Lucky for me my friends took a few!

Photo Mar 26, 10 49 20 AM

Off to the park to hunt those eggs!

Photo Mar 26, 11 32 32 AM

Amelia was less interested in hunting then she was running around in the grass!

Photo Mar 26, 11 40 55 AM

The boys made us climb a tree to get our eggs!

Photo Mar 26, 11 44 23 AM

Casey won the golden egg! (More on that later!)

Photo Mar 26, 12 04 43 PM

Sunday my mom came home from Washington (Yay! We missed her!) and we all went to San Juan Capistrano to have brunch at El Adobe. We used to go here every year for Easter when I was a kid!

Photo Mar 27, 3 28 46 PM

Does anyone else’s kid turn the tv station to the all music stations? Amelia was grooving to “Norwegian Dance No. 1” the other night!

I hope you all had a blessed Easter!