Weekly Workout

So the exercising…

If I am completely honest I have made it out to run once in the last two weeks. I’ve basically been falling asleep on the couch at 8pm every night.  In terms of preparing for this 10K next weekend I am not doing very well, but I am determined to accomplish it, even if it is at a pace slower than I originally expected.

The first time I trained for my half marathon I was religious about my running, 4 days a week, consistently after work. My running buddy worked the same hours as I did, and there was no baby to pick up from the sitters. Life is definitely different, and I am struggling to find time to do things that were once easy to schedule. Some days it’s just being exhausted, some days its overtime for work, and sometimes it’s just wanting to be with my family instead. Some people LOVE running, they get the runner’s high, they live for the next run. For me, running has always been a form of exercise, and I have found a way to include some amazing people and experience so that I want to continue to run. Unfortunately this means that when running becomes an “inconvenience” I am often quick to let it slide onto the back burner. I am going to have to learn to be more self-motivated, whether it means running alone, or just staving off my pajamas until my friends get home to run.

The baby put on my running shoes more times than I did last week…

Photo Feb 22, 6 22 30 PM

So here is my modified plan! Originally I planned to run/jog the entire 10K, at this point I am going to alternate each mile walking and running. I know I can run 3 miles, and I know I can walk 3 miles. Making it to the end of the 10k is going to be my goal for this run. My exercise goal? Dedicating myself to the run, whether I want to or not. It may not always be fun, but it’s healthy, it’s free, and it gets me outside! Also a healthy eating goal…try not to eat an entire pizza by myself even if it is thin crust (we all know its really like half a pizza)…it was delicious, I am slightly ashamed, ha ha!

Here’s the schedule for this week:

Monday: I blew it!

Tuesday: I blew it!

Wednesday: Yoga in the living room

Thursday: 2 mi at a 14:00 pace, 2 mi at a 15:00 walk

Friday: 3 mi at a 14:00 pace

Saturday: Rest day (we’re getting massages! Yay!)