Wonderful Weekends!

I live for the weekends! Not only do we get to spend a ton of time together with our family, but it’s time for home improvement and fun trips with our friends!

We started Saturday off with a little peek-a-boo with our critter.

Photo Feb 27, 10 10 27 AM

I can’t believe her hair is long enough for pig tails now!

Cassandra and I jetted off for some well-deserved massages at Massage Envy, and some shoe shopping at DSW. We both have memberships at ME, I got mine when I was pregnant with Amelia and getting migraines ALL THE TIME. Now I hardly ever go because we are so busy, my monthly massages just keep adding up!

Later the Waffles team went out for pizza at Gourmet Pizza!

Photo Feb 27, 7 18 59 PM

I like my carbs with more carbs so I ordered the brando…my pizza had angel hair tossed with pesto on it!

Photo Feb 27, 7 27 26 PM

Then we walked down to A la Minute, a super cute artisan ice cream shop. They had some amazing flavor combos! Strawberry balsamic, orange honey, salted caramel…

Photo Feb 27, 8 10 42 PM

We took some embarrassing selfie stick photos while we waited in line…

Photo Feb 27, 8 15 46 PMPhoto Feb 27, 8 18 32 PM Photo Feb 27, 8 18 06 PM

The strawberry balsamic ice cream is to die for!

Back to the apartment for some truth or dare Jenga and a few rounds of the newlywed game…the Romans crushed us!

Photo Feb 27, 9 59 41 PM Photo Feb 27, 9 53 11 PM

Our friends are like an extended family to us, so Sunday we all took Amelia to the aquarium for the first time!

Photo Feb 28, 1 34 04 PM

Did I mention how absolutely lucky we are!

Amelia got her first hug from an adorable little boy! I am so sad I didn’t get my camera out fast enough to capture the moment! So please substitute this photo of a penguin.

Photo Feb 28, 2 08 32 PM

She’s turning into a voracious book reader! She’s been carrying books around for the last couple of days, even to the grocery store!

Photo Feb 28, 6 17 11 PM

What did you do this weekend?

Where should we take Amelia on her next adventure?

Any books you love to read with your kids?

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