Wonderful Weekends

After a week of 14 hour days and 4 performances with the band I am so ready for the weekend! Friday I counted $80 in change for our classroom penny war. I also had to lug $80 in change to my car, what a workout!

The Froyo 10K is TOMORROW! How did this sneak up on me so fast? We grabbed some pizza…got to get those carbs in!

Photo Mar 04, 8 33 11 PM

Woke up bright and early on Saturday morning (5:30am…sleeping in? what’s that?) and grabbed my favorite racing socks. You can see me coming a mile away! While the color is certainly attractive, they are pro-compression socks. I have a lot of problems with shin splints, but since I bought a pair of these I hardly ever get them! Additional pro? I wore them a ton while teaching during my pregnancy they helped keep my feet from swelling up!

Photo Mar 05, 6 01 51 AM

We have arrived!Pre-race selfie, still pasty!

Photo Mar 05, 7 35 57 AM

Post-race selfie, looking like a tomato. It takes forever for my face to go back to normal after a run!

Photo Mar 05, 8 42 55 AM

One of the best parts of this race was the complementary Froyo at the end! I got fruit punch sorbet with Oreos and gummy bears.

Photo Mar 05, 9 14 41 AM Photo Mar 05, 9 16 15 AM

Second best part, the medal is a SPOON! How awesome is that?

We didn’t do too terrible for not training, our fastest mile was 11 minutes, the one mile we walked was 15 (at least that’s what I’m guessing…I may have left the tracker on for a few minutes after we finished our race…) so we ended up with a 13:00 minute average.

Photo Mar 07, 10 33 54 AM


Go Team Waffles!

Photo Mar 05, 9 33 58 AM

We really run so we can eat breakfast, so we hit up a local joint called the “Snooty Fox” for some delicious food! I got ham and eggs, so good!

Photo Mar 05, 10 41 46 AM

That evening Bean and I headed out to see one of our favorite bands, Emery. They have been doing these super small shows in super small venues; our show was at a barber shop in Costa Mesa, there were literally no more than 100 people there!

Photo Mar 05, 5 04 48 PM

It felt like seeing your friends perform in their garage back in high school! We all sat on the floor and had an amazing time hearing them sing, and take questions from the audience.

Photo Mar 05, 6 41 27 PM

Photo Mar 05, 6 21 46 PM

Because we didn’t have the baby with us (thanks Cassandra and Hugo!) we hit up our favorite Korean BBQ place. I got to try their Mai Tai Soju, it was delicious!

Photo Mar 05, 9 36 35 PM

Sunday, I took Amelia to go and visit my grandma, but first we stopped by our neighbor house to rock our favorite rocking chair!

Photo Mar 06, 11 59 45 AM

Laundry is getting much more difficult to put away.

Photo Mar 06, 5 54 49 PM

Last piece of good news, the floor is officially finished in our bathroom! This week we are touching up paint, and installing the toilet, vanity, and mirror; we are so close to being finished!

Photo Mar 06, 9 03 52 PM

I hope your weekend was wonderful!

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