Wonderful Weekends!

We had a very low key weekend this weekend! No big trips, just a lot of working and hanging out with the family!

The kiddo and I took a trip to Lowe’s and she’s finally big enough to ride in the race car! She had a great time spinning the wheels around.

Photo Mar 08, 4 26 00 PM

We had to pick up some finishing touches for our guest bathroom! TA-DA!

Photo Mar 08, 6 00 00 PM

We still have to tile the shower but my awesome Dad managed to get the floor, mirrors, vanity, and toilet installed before my mother-in-law arrived for her visit! When we first moved into our place the master bathroom was a MESS, and so we lived the first 4 years in our house with only one bathroom. Since we’ve had two I refuse to go back to one!

Organization pro! Our vanity has this cute little basket underneath to put extra towels and necessities!

Photo Mar 08, 5 59 29 PM

Amelia is having a blast with Grandma’s air bed, all she wants to do is climb all over it!

Photo Mar 11, 5 57 23 PM

Cut my own fringe for the first time…it was scary, but it came out pretty even!

Photo Mar 12, 2 53 12 PM

I had to work ALLLLLLLLLL weekend long, I went out to see my color guard perform, headed over to a band concert, and then woke up bright and early to see our drum line perform on Sunday (made all the more painful by day light savings time!)

Photo Mar 13, 10 13 18 AM

Amelia learned a new trick: pretending to put her lotion on, she carries her lotion bottle around, throws it down and rubs her hands together. Grandpa taught her that!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day dinner on Thursday! What’s on your St. Patties menu?

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