Wonderful Weekends!

First of all, grandma’s are magical! Little bean fell asleep in her lap watching cartoons!


SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!! Cassandra and I started things out right with some shopping (I had a dream about a beautiful outfit and we were on the hunt for all of it’s pieces) and a couple of drinks at the Bee’s


Stayed up late making Paula Deen’s cinnamon rolls for the Men’s group at our church. They were delicious, but they may have left a 45 minute rise out of the baking instructions…hello 1:30am!


I took a super long nap trying to catch up on the sleep I missed the night before. 1:30 isn’t too bad, but pairing it with getting up at 5:30 is no bueno!

Heading out for a night of fun! First stop Bucca di Beppo! We got their baked rigatoni and their prosciutto chicken, soooooooo good!



Turns out our next stop was booked solid, so we took up cosmic mini golf instead!


Everything is better under a blacklight!


With our round of golf finished, we played the arcades!

IMG_7275 IMG_7276 IMG_7244

Got enough tickets for this little guy! Isn’t he adorable?


Late night dessert and drinks? Don’t mind if I do! This butter cake with balsamic drizzle was amazing!


Drove out to the race track with my dad for the Auto Club 400!


My driver won…don’t be jealous!

We dyed easter eggs with grandma!


Amelia just wanted to stir all of the eggs in their dye.


I am looking forward to a week off with Bean and Amelia! Happy Spring Break everyone! See you Wednesday for a yummy lemon mousse pavlova with sugared raspberries!


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