I’m Alive!

So you may have noticed that I dropped off the face of the planet after Easter, and honestly not much has come out of my kitchen since then either. I promise there is a good reason for this! My husband and I are pregnant again! We found out just before Easter, and it was a complete surprise (a happy one)! I hid the secret in one of our egg hunt eggs for Bean to find!


A couple of weeks later I was so morning sick I couldn’t keep anything down but soup and the just walking into my kitchen made me ill. Not being able to look at/smell food really puts a kabash on the whole baking/blogging thing. When I had my daughter I was hardly ever sick so this new fury really knocked me for a loop! It was so bad that I jokingly told Bean that there better be two babies in here…and guess what…THERE ARE! In June we found out that little Bean is getting two baby brothers this winter!

I promise I’ll have a recipe or two up for you next week. Before I got sick I made you guys an awesome lemon raspberry pavlova and my Dad’s birthday is just around the corner (He loves a good pineapple upside down cake ::hint, hint::)

See you all soon!




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