When last we met…

Hello! Is anyone out there? I’m afraid I might have left you alone for too long! Things have been absolutely insane since I last wrote.

In November 2016, after months of morning sickness, we welcome Jamie and Jett into the world. Amelia adores her little brothers (even a year later!) and loves to keep them entertained with her antics. Life has definitely changed since these two little buggers joined our family, we are always on the go!

I was lucky enough to get to take time off to spend with Amelia before the boys arrived and another four months off afterwards to bond as a family. It was such precious and valuable time, I’m so glad I did it (and was able to do it thanks to my awesome job).

After a year we have finally returned to the land of the living, everyone sleeps on a regular schedule (thank the lord!), and we are done with bottles! Hurray for 50% less dishes throughout the day!

These little men also know how to get into some good ol’ fashioned trouble! Knocking over the dog’s water, climbing under the furniture, attempting to climb up the stairs, pushing over the baby gate, and putting EVERYTHING in their mouths…EVERYTHING!

I can’t believe how old all the kids are now! The boys had their first swim lessons last summer (tell me why Jett loves swim but hates the bath tub?) and Jamie is up and walking around.

Amelia takes gymnastics and ballet, and talks nonstop! She is also a fan of singing every song from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood at the top of her lungs while banging on my kitchen utensils.

PS do you know what saves my life with the kids? Moana! No joke! The boys are just captivated by it, so if I need to buy a little time for my daughter, or to get something done in the house I can pop it on for a few minutes. Screaming in the car? Immediately soothed by the Moana soundtrack, it is a miracle!

After so many years being sick, we finally said good bye to our baby Indy. He was such a good dog and we would have done anything to make him healthy, but it got to the point where we knew this was the best for him. We miss him every day!

Remember that bathroom remodel we were doing? Well we finished it! Then we remodeled the kitchen while I was on maternity leave and SOLD THE HOUSE!

Bean got a wild hair up his nose to move to a bigger house (we initially planned on living in our small house for a few more years, but the twins pushed our plans forward!). His instincts are usually pretty good, which is how we ended up buying our first home anyway.

We went from 1,000sqft to 2,600sqft and it is awesome! There is so much room for the kids to be kids in, and I have my dream kitchen. Can you believe that I no longer need two additional garage cabinets for cake pan storage? I also still have space left in my cabinets after unpacking! Look at this kitchen:

Are you in love? I am!

I do miss our old neighbors, and our lake. I miss being able to run around our perfect 1.5 mile neighborhood (it was so easy to track our runs!), but the new house is exactly what we needed for our family.

I’m excited to be running again! Bean bought me a treadmill for our anniversary so I could start training for my half marathon! It’s been particularly hard to get out of the house to run, especially long distances, but now with the treadmill I can take advantage of the kids nap time!

My goal is to get my mile times back down to the 10/12 minute range and then start working my endurance back to the 5K level.

So what’s coming up for us here on the blog? I’ve got a weekly meal/exercise planning post coming your way, as well as an awesome recipe for chili lime shrimp tacos. Coming down the dessert pipes I have a redux of the fancy cakes I’ve made over the last year, as well as that pineapple upside down cake I promised you.

I’m so excited to be back home with you all!

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