Meal Prep Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

I thought it would be fun (Fun? Ok, maybe interesting? Helpful?) to talk about food prep when you’re trying to eat healthy.  Food prepping over the weekend is essential for me to stay on track with my healthy eating habits throughout the week. With three kids and a job with crazy hours it’s so easy to fall asleep before I’ve made my lunch for the next day, or give in to grabbing take out instead of making dinner, so I try to make it as easy as possible on myself!

Using all the tupperware!

Step 1: Grocery shop early!

Unless you have a ton of time to shop and cook in one day, I totally recommend splitting the shopping and cooking into two different days. I typically shop on Saturday (and make sure all the Tupperware is clean!) and then do all the cooking on Sunday.

Sometimes, if I am having a super packed weekend, I spend the extra $5.00 to have my groceries delivered by the local store. It’s nice because I don’t have to spend an hour dragging the kiddos around the market, and I don’t pick up nearly as many impulse buys (read: junk food!). The only con is that sometimes they are out of a certain item so I might have to do without or go out in the week and grab it.


Step 2: Who am I prepping for, and what are we eating?

Since my kids spend the week with my parents while I am at work, I am not only food prepping for myself but prepping for my kids. It makes things easier and cheaper for my folks (especially since they’re already providing free childcare (love you mom and dad!!)) and I know I won’t run out of food for the three little beasts that eat their way through my house.

So what are we eating this week?

For breakfast the kids are having these blueberry oatmeal muffins along with a banana and some yogurt. I love this recipe because it has no added sugar, and you can use whatever berries (fresh or frozen) you might have around!

Baked Oatmeal Cups with Berries and Bananas

For lunch this week they are having this carrot and broccoli orzo (we substituted whole wheat salad macaroni since that is what I had on hand) with baked chicken.

And for dinner they are having this instant pot pork roast, clementines, and country potatoes

Pressure Cooker Pork Roast

I know it seems boring for them to eat the same thing every day, but the boys aren’t at an age to care yet, and Amelia tends to eat whatever the adults are having for dinner (depending on her patience! Sometimes she wants to eat RIGHT NOW, so she’ll have the kid’s dinner of the week instead of waiting until our dinner is done.

After I have the kids figured out it’s my turn! I do my best to stay around 1,500-2,000 calories a day

This week I am having:

A Belvita Banana Nut Bread Bar and coffee for breakfast. I love these things; it’s definitely not as healthy as making a breakfast from scratch but since we are up at 5:00am with the kids for work, I need something handy to eat in the car. Plus, they’re delicious and filling, and I always miss having something bready when I am trying to eat healthier. I love bread. LOVE.

Image result for belvita banana bread

For lunch I put together a little sweet potato bowl with baked chicken thighs and sautéed spinach and tomatoes. Lots of protein, lots of greens, give me all the energy I need to get through my run and my afternoon with the kids (which is basically a second run!).

This week in snacking I have freeze dried mangos from Target (I love fresh mango with tajin, but they don’t seem to be in season right now), whole almonds, and my chocolate shakeology after my run. The shakeo is super tasty and feels like you’re having dessert after exercise! It helps keep me away from the pint of chocolate ice cream hiding in the fridge. Don’t worry, I do plenty of dessert tasting for the blog!

Image result for target freeze dried mangoImage result for Shakeology

Normally I’d include some dinner recipes but between our tax appointment, a school fundraiser (chipotle, yay!)  and a Disney trip with the band, we won’t be doing much eating at home! Personally I can’t wait to eat that Disneyland corn dog! It’s a good thing you spend all day walking at the park!

What are you eating this week? Do you food prep for your kids? Yourself?

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