About Me



Hey guys! Welcome to On a Sweet Note, my own little corner of the internet! My name is Lee, I am 30 years old and living the good life! My wonderful husband Casey will tell you that I always have way too much going on but that is the way I like it! I love to run, cook, craft, and bake and thought I should find a place to share my marathon training, kitchen experiments and everything in between!

I am insanely passionate about food! I grew up in a household where food was the cornerstone of every family event, it has seen us through times of happiness and times of sadness. I remember helping my Dad make the family spaghetti sauce when I was just a little girl, baking sugar cookie people after school with my mom, and endless holidays filled with delicious offerings! I am a self taught baker and cook, learning from all the best people in my life and, of course, the internet! I’ve made and sold many of my cakes over the last 10 years, in addition to cake pops, cookies, and other yummy treats! One day I would love to bring a Helm’s Bakery style delivery service back to my neighborhood so I could share all of the sugar with the rest of you

I am so excited to finally have someone to share my kitchen with as we welcomed sweet Amelia! I can’t believe she’s already running around, and you know I have cookie dough awaiting her tiny hands in the refrigerator! Everyone says time flies when you have a baby and it is completely true, I feel like we went from rolling over to throwing our first snowballs in the blink of an eye. I know it can only get better as time goes on, and I am looking forward to little dance classes coming soon!

My husband and I are also remodeling our 1st home DIY style (see what I mean about too much going on?) so we can move into a bigger home for our ever expanding family. Our beautiful 1100 square feet is currently home to 3 humans, 2 dogs, and a cat; it’s safe to say the walls are closing in on us! We’re down to our last 3 big projects: guest bathroom, kitchen, and floors…there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

I hope this becomes a great space to share recipes, workouts, and family activities. I am so glad you are here!